About the technology ...
There are several technologies for printing on glass, porcelain and pottery.
Transfer print - a technology which offers printing of fine details, high resolution and precise and accurate color match. The dyes used by this technology are mineral dyes (100% inorganic) and are completely harmless for the customers. A mandatory phase of the technology is the heat treatment (up to 1000 C) by which the mineral dye melts and binds with the product. In that way the pattern becomes permanent. The disadvantage of this technology is that it can be applied only for glass and porcelain printing.
There is another technology - direct print with two-component dyes. However, this technology holds many disadvantages: low mechanical stability; small printing surface; one or maximum two color print, separate from one another; incapability of printing on wares with irregular forms, as well as printing on the bottom, on the handle or on the inside.
Therefore, we offer our clients the transfer print with firing in a kiln - a time proved technology with exceptional quality.
Volkano Sofia 2004